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My position on Legal Moves

Posted By: greedygammon
Date: Monday, 4 November 2013, at 8:07 a.m.

In Response To: My position on Legal Moves (Bill Davis)

>>quote"We have a fast roll rule that some players also judge as harsh. Player A has only three checkers left on his ace point. He rolls a 4-3 and takes two off. But before Player A picks up his dice, Player B who has four checkers on her highest points rolls a winning 6-6. She has fast-rolled Player A and it is his option to accept her roll or require a reroll. Player A is not to blame requesting a reroll. It is Player B who made the procedural error and she should graciously suffer the consequences, NOT call her opponent a bad sport.

Bottom line: Play carefully and pay attention. If you make a procedural error, donít get angry with your opponent who is only playing by the rules. Instead learn from your error and next time pay more attention" end quote<<

Maybe we should call this "simon says backgammon". You roll 66 you have won the match. If opponent complains and TD forces a re-roll, we have ventured into bizarro world..

Look... rules are not implemented for such absurdity. When rules are abused in such manner, the system is broken. An analogy to such nonsense is the practice of pulling over motorists going 59 in 55-mph limit zone. This is common in some small city police dept who rely on traffic tickets to supplement their budget. They see the 55mpg limit rule as an opportunity to nab unsuspecting victims and fill their coffers. They will jump on the slightest infraction of any driving law for an excuse to hand out tickets. Well one could say, don't break any laws and you have nothing to worry about but that is not the point. The intent of the laws is to prevent accidents and promote safe driving. It is NOT intended to be a cash cow for the police dept. When such corruption is rampant, it creates an atmosphere of resentment and hostility. This is detrimental to both sides. A lose/lose.

What does this have to do with BG tourney? Well the rules are meant to be a guide to how the game is to be played. It is NOT and should NEVER be used to steal a game through some silly technical procedural error. Come on... lets step back look at the big picture and stop this nonsense.

I agree 100% with Felafels comment on the original impossible move thread.

"this is downright ridiculous and emberassing.often i wonder what and how people think.i call upon everyone to stop the nonsense,what is so hard to emphasize the rule that states "FAIR PLAY TAKES PRECEDENCE?".how stupid can it be to let someone make that claim against another?cause its the "rules"?"

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