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Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Saturday, 16 November 2013, at 11:11 a.m.

In Response To: ed o (Jason Lee)

Ed ty vm for the free psychological profile u did for me, i really appreciate it!U are such a generous person!
Contrary to u i will not speak how amazing i'm and how i play and this shits- everybody is good in talking. I want to explain that all i said is not against anyone, i wanted to point out that BG WORLD CHANGE and is not same anymore and very few people travel and play, even Europeans don't go often in European tourneys!!!I never said i will not include US players cause they don't travel to Europe!!!I always had 15+ Americans in my ballots!!!
Second i have nothing to prove and to come to play u or whatever or whoever i NEVER said i'm better than u or anything like that, the only thing i said is in my opnion as BG world change we should change our criteria and count as active players with 2 tourneys per year as most of top players does not travel!!!I really can't imagine in today BG world not including Stick in my ballot as he played only 3 events but include someone who won tourney with 20 players somewhere in his village or someone who has money and travel everwhere and of course occasionally he will cash somewhere-this was my only meanning that i prefer Stick rather than some tourists!!!
keep this words for someone else that u play 2 or whatever, and did i or anyone asked u how u play-the questions was about who we vote for giants?It is good that anyway u informed but i met 100+ people only in Bulgaria and Greece who claim they play bellow 3 on avg..:)Even with this phenomenal stats and the free profile u made for me i'm sorry but with this attitude u will not qualify to be part of my vote as u was always in my top 20. For me one Giant should be of an example of young people and inspire them-sorry but i don't get inspired of your porn stories and offenses.
And in reality i have 3 matches of u-none of them u played even bellow 4, so i'm sorry but no way u always play 2 and 3's:)If u did than congratulations u are the best in the world!

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