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Does the box have an advantage?

Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Sunday, 1 December 2013, at 1:12 a.m.

In Response To: Does the box have an advantage? (Jake Jacobs)

Jake, I'd add to your list of valid arguments for doing box-takes, that there's a strong case for risking a little to keep the box, if the next captain up is the weakest link.

Phil, you mention the diluting problem: That introducing errors to gain an advantage actually dilutes the advantage you would otherwise have. It's an understandable thought, but not necessarily a correct one! The clear analogue to this, is the concept of adjusting your play when playing a weaker opponent. Some players - even some strong and otherwise smart players - thinks that any adjustments away from theoretically correct play, will simply server to dilute your advantage. To put it another way, they think that the best way to play a weak opponent is to play 0,0 PR. It's not.

The idea of exploiting any advantages that could be present in a chouette setup, due to any players not playing theoretically correct all the time, is exactly the same. Jake's written a great book on the subject by the way ;-)

In addition: You say that the strongest player in the chou, will also have an advantage when playing his one cube only, at the team side. True. But time is money when you're the shark in the pool. An you leverage your advantage when in the box, playing 4 or 5 cubes at a time. It's almost the same as playing 5 times the stake.

On top of that, from the box, you really get to play the one or two fish each game. And isn't that really what counts on the scoresheet? To be there at the other end, when the fish blows their points, or the middle-to-strong players steams occasionally? You don't pick up these pieces from the back of the team. It's a little bit like playing a few more hands if you're the better player at a poker tournament, and a couple of real suckers are sitting at your table. They will blow their stack, but they will not blow it to the tight player folding all the time...


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Rod, Phil pulled rank on you there. After 35 years of service in the chous around the world, unfortunately he hasn't realized that the sharks doesn't share all their secrets with their sponsors!

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