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A few things that were not clear to me

Posted By: Tenland
Date: Monday, 15 December 2014, at 5:57 p.m.

In Response To: Group Plan - Non-facebook link (Dmitriy Obukhov)

1. I read that matches need to be continuous or pre-designated. Does that imply that as long as the matches were played in succession you don't have to specify beforehand which ones that will count? If yes, this is cherry-picking IMO. If no, I don't understand why it's relevant to mention "continuous".

In the case of individual applications, it is actually explicitly stated that you need to specify the matches beforehand.

I think perhaps my English is letting me down here.

2. Is it correct that all titles are based on xg+ (not ++)? If so, perhaps ++ could be considered in "stage 2". Maybe you already have and found it too time consuming...

3. "All matches played in the tournament are included in the submission to BMAB (there is no cherry picking or opting out in the middle of a tournament)" What if someone aspiring for the Super Grandmaster 1 title has an experience of 280 from previous tournaments, and the tournament consists of e.g. ten 7-pointers. Can he then announce beforehand that only his first three matches will count, or does he need to count all of them?

4. Much related to 1: What if you've played an experience of 140 and, in your last 100, you averaged below a 6.5 - does that mean you qualified for M3, or is that only the case if you stated explicitly when your new attempt started? If so, are there restrictions for when an attempt can start? Can it be mid-tournament, do you have to wait X experience and so on?

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