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Group Plan - Non-facebook link

Posted By: Joe Russell
Date: Monday, 15 December 2014, at 10:35 p.m.

In Response To: Group Plan - Non-facebook link (Rick Janowski)

I think you are responding literally to what Jason said, rather than attempting to understand the meaning of it. I think he feels he is a huge underdog in a PR event and any portion of his entry fees that are used for rewarding PR performance is likely to go the top PR players. While the bottom half always subsidizes the top half of an event, in standard events it is subtle and players can easily imagine themselves in the top half or near the middle of the field. Many players believe that the the combination of their competitive skill and luck gives most them a reasonable chance in a competition. They do not feel this way in a PR event as luck is minimized and competitive skill counts for much less.

I like what you are doing and think it will add interest to the game. I am not sure that it will bring new players into the game, but it might. We could get more chess types that do not like the luck factor. I do think the events should be low entry fee events tailored toward players of similar skill levels.

I do think one of the most exciting things about backgammon is the luck element. It is nice that two players of vastly different skill can play a game and either can win. You can't say that about games of pure skill.

Backgammon has gone through a metamorphosis. It used to be more of a gambling game, where the top players would often not care nearly as much about a tournament as they did about the side games, occasionally forfeiting matches to stay in a good chouette or play a good prop. With the advent of the neural net bots and the accompanying clarification of skill levels, most of the large money games and all of the prop action dried up. Backgammon is now more of an intellectual pursuit than a gambling one and where players used to seek dollars, they now seek recognition. BMS is an exciting way to give recognition, but I hope it is not at the expense of regular tournaments, the way the bots were of side action.

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