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Backgammon Masters Series (BMS) Group Organisational & Structural Plan

Posted By: Rick Janowski
Date: Tuesday, 16 December 2014, at 6:33 a.m.

In Response To: Backgammon Masters Series (BMS) Group Organisational & Structural Plan (David Presser)

Thank you for the supportive and encouraging comments. Considering your questions in order

1 & 3. The Organisational and Structural Plan will be reviewed periodically, probably annually. The current version has been accepted as the final version by the Executive Board and, subject to correction of errors, will, not be substantially revised. A preamble or executive summary may well be included in subsequent versions, It is not a draft document. It should be noted that there will be a dedicated website which will cover the content of the report. If procedures modify substantially we will update the content. If changes are very significant we may issue interim addenda, but these aren't anticipated.

2. What you suggest in terms of benefits seems unrealistic in this early stage of development, and may never be realistic when compared to the benefits of USBGF members. A fundamental goal of this organisation is to raise the international status of backgammon as a mindsport, but there is a lot of work to be done to reach this end. The organisation provides a range of mastership titles and proficiency level certificates but we cannot give any guarantee of degree of status or associated benefits. The level of status reached depends on the perception of the backgammon public, and then the general public, not forgetting the media of course.

4. The Plan covers additional Stage 2 scrutiny checking covering both transcription and analysis. This aspect will be closely monitored over the first few months to confirm the robustness of measures. The specialist BMS series tournaments were all players play each other provides an extra layer of scrutiny because players will virtually always check their own matches even when transcribed by others. I think it is better to concentrate on prevention rather than penalties wherever possible.

5. In all but very prestigious events, where there may be third party subscribers, the PR results will tend to be delayed until 1 to 2 weeks after the tournament. Organisers and TDs need to consider this aspect when considering the inclusion of PR prizes.

6. The current pr targets implicitly assume the use of Mochy Club settings and XG2.A change in either will necessitate re-calibrating the target levels so that assumed player levels are broadly the same.

7. The panel was involved in very rigorous debate regarding the incorporation of 5 point matches. The panel considered data from several sources showing how PR varied from match length to match length. Besides the true intrinsic relative value of 5 point matches there is also the issue of perceived value amongst players in general. The 25% compromise proposal received a decisive number of votes. Note 3 to the table clarifies how 25% is measured as does the section covering Individual applications.

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