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Playing to wrong match length

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Tuesday, 27 November 2012, at 6:43 p.m.

In Response To: Playing to wrong match length (Bob Koca)

Sorry it does not come across clear. I continue to maintain that the TD must have the final say and determination on every ruling. There can always be extenuating circumstances and details not covered in the rules, or not clear from the account of what occurred and the ultimate decision as to what is fair lies with the tournament director.

Having guidelines that spell out, as much as possible, what the rules are and how they should be interpreted helps both the players and TD's determine what the proper ruling is, as generally, if possible, it should be in line with the written guidelines and rules. Having said that, I would expect most tournament directors to rule that a match ending at 5 points that should have been played to 7 points is over. Because that is the way it is written, that is what should happen and is expected to happen.

However, the TD can always determine that there is a special case or reason not to apply the rule in a particular case (I can't think of a good one here, but possibly if it was shown that the players knowingly played to the wrong score to gain some kind of advantage over other players in the next round, the TD might decide the match should continue or be played over.)

In other words, we have clear rules and guidelines, but the TD (subject to appeal) always has the final say. Because there are clear rules, it will be a rare situation where TD's will rule contrary to the written guidelines, and if done, one would imagine there are good reasons, and those reason would probably have to withstand an appeal if either or both players objected. (And having written guidelines gives the players reasonable recourse for poor or wrong rulings as well.)

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