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Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Wednesday, 28 November 2012, at 11:25 a.m.

In Response To: Tournament Rules and Guidelines (rew)

For the past 30 years, playing with my brother, we count every roll no matter where it lands so long as it is clear what the dice say...we even count rolls that land on the bar, on the other side of the board, and EVEN ROLLS THAT LAND ON THE TABLE OFF THE BOARD. (We don't count rolls on the floor.) We have never seen the logic of rolling anything over. So you are preaching to the choir.

There are several rules and procedures I would change if I could start all over, but our intent in doing this guide was NOT to make changes to the rules so much as to simply define the rules we now have better, along with the handling of infractions and setting standards of ethical behavior and good sportsmanship.

The very few changes we recommend have already been tried and tested and, for the most part, received well by experienced players. If an international rules committee wants to take this rule farther, I'm all for it. However, while I agree with you that it makes just as much sense to count a roll on the other side of the board, on the bar, in the bear off tray, and even on the side railings, so long as it is flat, there are many who would argue against this.

First, it is simply too big a change from what people are used to, and when you propose something that is too big a change, unless there is a truly significant improvement it is just not worth fighting for the change, and the entire idea is more likely to be rejected. Second, particularly when there are 4 dice in play, it can get confusing and cause problems to have dice on the other side of the board. Third, allowing dice anywhere can encourage more wild and radical rolling styles and methods and that can be distracting and can lead to other problems.

Again, I really hope people will not focus on the specific rules as much as the importance of having standard, international rules and guidelines that are consistent and clear, regardless of what the specific rules are.

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