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Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Saturday, 1 December 2012, at 6:06 a.m.

In Response To: Tournament Rules and Guidelines (Henrik Bukkjaer)

First, I did not go solo as I had a lot of excellent help and advice. Second, if I had worked with and through any organization or larger group, I felt the process would take far too long and be far too complicated as I would have no choice but to work with or have the approval of many people befor the project was done. Again, I did try this before and found much resistance.

Even with a committee of three it took close to a year to finish the document.

I don't see the problem. No one is telling you, or anyone else to accept our rules and guidelines. All we have done was demonstrate that something better than the existing rules is possible and if you agree, the. Accept it or change it or ignore it as you wish. But we are also pointing out that it would be foolish for each federation and backgammon group that runs tournaments to continue with their own, independent rules when it would be so easy to simply all agree to accept a single set. And unless you can find major flaws with what we propose, why not use it?

As long as the various federations have existed, has anyone tried to establish a unified set of rules for the entire world? Maybe it takes some motivation from outside the organizations, outside the politics and shoes and fear of change that keeps these larger, demo rustic organization from getting things done, to light the fire.

I don't believe I have to prove my support of the USBGF or federations around the world nor should I have to defend myself. I was instrumental in starting the USBGF and have been a staunch supporter and worker and have personally brought in many members. I have been a proponent of international cooperation and have been recommending unified programs and rules for years.

Why not forget about how the guide was produced and focus on whether or not to use it, parts of it, or something else and see how to move forward to get everyone working together not just on the rules, but in the other critical areas of the game where joint effort and cooperation can benefit the game?

If you think I went about this improperly, I apologize. I am not always the most patient and tactful person, and I guess after 20 years of beating my head against the wall a out what poor rules and standards we have I decided to just take a stab at getting the job done. And I was encouraged to do it this way by two people (Jeb and Chuck) who agreed with this avenue and were highly supporti extremely helpful. Button line is the job got done. Now, what are the official leaders of the backgammon community going to do about finalizing some good, uniform, international rules?

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