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Simborg Rule: Possible Application

Posted By: smcrtorchs
Date: Tuesday, 4 December 2012, at 2:06 a.m.

In Response To: Simborg Rule: Possible Application (Bob Koca)

"Many feel that rules are nicer the more concise they can be made and this adding of an exception is counter to that."

A rule almost always increases the complexity of a game. However well "presented" rules that better the gameplay have a positive impact on a game. Well presented rules tend to be:

1) Precise 2) Concise 3) Easy to understand 4) Easy to remember 5) Clearly applicable 6) Do not confuse the player

If an example is needed of a game with well "presented" rules then Tetris would be such an example. Rules are very few and simple. Difficulty in Tetris rises in a way that is clearly visible/understandable to everyone, yet it is not clear how the player should react when the difficulty rises.

Now returning to the rule that is in doubt, I believe it copes admirably with all the requirements of the above list. It would be hard to find a rule with better presentation.

Since every rule increases the complexity of a game and brings a change to the gameplay, the question is weather the increased complexity outweighs the benefits of a better gameplay. Personally I do not believe that backgammon becomes better if it includes more complicated games and less simple games than it does now. Why? Well because simple games have their own variety of patterns that make them complicated. Even the best players in the world, do not have 0 PR to every simple game and this means simply that they oversee patterns and misjudge positions in those games as well. Simple games have their own beauty and depth. And it is always nice when your PR is 0 even in a simple game. In football goals are scarce. If they were too many maybe the sport would not have the same appeal. In backgammon it is the same. People enjoy more the complicated games, because they are not playing only more complicated games. The balance for me is just right as backgammon is now. Especially for the casual/advanced player, but also probably for many experts.

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