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Tournament Rules and Guidelines

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Friday, 30 November 2012, at 10:08 a.m.

In Response To: Tournament Rules and Guidelines (Henrik Bukkjaer)

My goal two years ago and twenty years ago was exactly the same as it is right now: that there should be a single set of rules that is used worldwide and that those rules be unambiguous, include exanations not only of what the rule is but how it is applied and enforced, and that we also have stated clear responsibilities for directors, players and spectators.

I have tried different means to try to make this happen and finally realized that the best way was simply to create a set of rules to show that the above is possible to produce and to show with that example how much better such a set of rules is than what we now have.

From the feedback we have received from people all over the world, I am pleased to report that I believe that Chuck and Jeb and I (with help from several others along the way) have produced a set of rules that truly does remove a lot of the ambiguity and uncertainties that exist in current rules that are written and used. And people see the benefit of stating responsibilities and setting guidelines for ethical behavior and good sportsmanship.

Armed with the concept that this is possible and preferable, now it is up to the leaders of the various federations to find a way to come together to ratify a single set of rules for the world. If those rules use or incorporate what we have produced, great. If not, as long as they agree on something we are still better off than having no international, unified rules.

As you have seen by Perry's statements here, and to me personally, he is very much in agreement with the idea of having world-wide cooperation to set world-wide rules and is putting the wheels in motion to make that happen. (Once the federations of the world come together to have an international rules committee, perhaps they can finally create a true, international federation that will also work together in other areas that are sorely needed such as promotion of the game worldwide, worldwide programs for marketing, sponsorship, tournament scheduling and sanctioning, ranking and ratings, education, and membership. I believe much more can be accomplished in all of these areas with the combined numbers and talents of people all over the world than by having each country trying to do it alone. )

So my goals have not changed at all--just the tactics to make it happen. I will tell you one thing I have changed--I have shelved many of my opinions on changing many of the rules that I think can be improved because Jeb and Chuck, in their great wisdom, have convinced me that some of them aren't really worth fighting for and that if we incorporate too many rule changes the entire document and concept would likely be rejected.

Once there is a formal international ruling body I hope they will be open to some rule changes that I, and others believe would improve the game both for the players and spectators.

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