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Feedback: Dead Cubes

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Friday, 30 November 2012, at 6:34 a.m.

In Response To: Feedback: Dead Cubes (Chris Haviland)

These kind of rule changes that could greatly change the game were not discussed or considered by our group, or anyone consulting with us, at this time. I didn't even bring up far more minor rule changes that I would like. Our goal was not to change the game or make new rules, even though, long term, there are some changes I would very much like to see.

Our goal was, first and foremost, to demonstrate that it is possible to take the basic rules we now have an remove most of the ambiguity and uncertainty as to how to apply the rules and penalties. Secondly our goal was to show that it is possible to promote good sportsmanship and a more level playing field by expressing standards and responsibilities for all parties involved. And thirdly our goal was to be a catalyst for an international ruling body to be formed so that we can have universal rules and standards for the game.

If we had offered our preferences for many rule changes, the above goals would have been greatly undermined as people would be against the entire document because of those changes.

Major changes to the rules and the game will, and should, happen slowly. The ideas should be debated and tested before tampering with a game we already know is excellent. Once in a great while a fantastic idea comes along, like the doubling cube, the Crawford Rule, and, I believe, Legal Moves also falls into that category, and in time, the players see that it is an improvement and in time it becomes accepted and adopted, even though there will always be people against change. I think dice on top of the checkers may take a few years to become accepted, if ever, but I also believe that once people try it they will see the beauty of it. I also found the same was true with baffle boxes. NOBODY likes it at first, but after a while you can see how it truly helps the game in many ways. In time, I hope it will be built into every board.

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