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two reasons

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Monday, 21 April 2014, at 12:43 a.m.

In Response To: two reasons (Bob Koca)

It's not just a matter of how difficult it is. It is a matter of processing the information and using it to change your odds calculations. I know there are many ways to make the game more difficult...try playing blindfolded and having to remember where every checker is, for example.

But this variation adds an element to the game that I find most interesting. Right now, every time I roll the dice I know the exact odds of rolling any given number. I know the odds I will be hit and the odds I'll come in or cover a blot etc.

When you play with a deck, depending on what has been played, those odds have to be recalculated on every roll, and that could well affect the play or cube decision. I find that a very interesting variation. The fact that you don't is perfectly fine with me, though I would think someone as strong as you are at math would enjoy adding more mathematical variables to the game.

When I played with dominoes instead of dice, this is exactly what happened. Knowing which doubles were still available and what key rolls were not absolutely changed my plays, and it was fun.

If I were only looking for "difficult" I would try to play go, or 3-D scrabble, or other very complex games. I think in time I might well enjoy those too, but for now, I love backgammon and this is one variation that seems very interesting and appealing. Most other variations I have tried are not that interesting to me.

I did hear about a variation played with 3 dice, and every turn you get to pick which two dice to play forward and one that can go backwards. Sounds like fun.

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