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clock rules

Posted By: Barry Silliman
Date: Sunday, 1 February 2015, at 6:11 p.m.

In Response To: clock rules (Bob Koca)

Bob, the U.S. clock rules are here: http://chicagopoint.com/bgclockrules.html

Double-check me, as I was just scanning them, will review them thoroughly before Herndon, but to address your points:

i) clock is not on side of bear off

Not sure if this is codified elsewhere but I don't see it here, but I think it may be by tradition and certainly is preferable for both convenience during the bearoff and if a baffle box is being used it makes it more convenient for that to be on the non-bearoff side which is usually less cluttered.

ii) both hands being used

This is definitely an impropriety. And I see it all the time. Same hand hits the clock as moves the checkers. Heck, there are too many players who use two hands for the checkers, especially when hitting blots, even without the clock.

iii) illegal plays which effectively resulted in a player getting more time to think about the play

Not sure about other federations but there doesn't seem to be anything codified in the U.S. rules to avoid this. I think there should be some penalty if there isn't one already.

iv) clock being hit before play is completed

Definitely improper and I guess this violation is always accompanied by (ii)

Another problem I've seen too often- Player A reaching over the board for the dice before Player B has hit the clock.

The percentage of U.S. players who consistently follow these rules- one hand only for checkers, same hand for clock, is rather low I fear. I wonder how it is elsewhere.

Since you are fond of answering questions with questions, Bob, I'll ask you (and anyone else interested) a question- should a director pro-actively point out such violations or wait until a player complains?

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