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Dual Duel, PR's, chasing Ego and etc...

Posted By: Iancho Hristov
Date: Friday, 7 February 2014, at 10:20 p.m.

So let's summarize what we learn until now:
1. 3.1 avg PR guy will outplay almost every match a 3.3 guy
2. 3.1 guy is favorite to win PR tourney with avg field of maybe 3.5
3. all top players has no chance against MCG and Mochy
4. Rod is always right on everything and nobody can't even think to have other than his opinion.

My two cents:
1. For me to think that someone playing 3.1 can outplay someone playing 3.3 in all matches is sick, especially in single match to 11. In one match everything can happend and u can play the whole match without facing even one real tough decision -even i sometimes play bellow 2 in 1 match and this is not my usual level for sure.
2. Mochy can't be outplayed by anyone- I have nothing against Mochy and for me he is top player for sure, but just the theory of Rod is that Mochy is so much better than everyone else and he is willing to bet against anyone that Mochy will outplay everytime let's say Neil Kazaross. First as i said he can be outplayed and not only by top players, but by any decent player, but yes in 1 single match , not avg, example- Cyprus last year decent player(but not PR superstar) as Ricardo Malas did outplay Mochy.
Saba is also great example-he had the guts, shows up and outplay MCG and PEtko in 1 match to 11, even maybe not being favorite against them if u look avg PR's, still he did it, what is the % of this to happend in two matches in row?
Also telling how top players as Neil has no chance is funny, why better not concentrate on your chances and let Neil count alone his?
3. Judjing players out of 1 tourney is just not serious-i guess u took Mochy as exmaple because it is easy to support and be behind easy case, before 1 year u was behind other players who now you claim are far behind Mochy and MCG. Yes Mochy may posted avg of 2.5 in one tourney but this mean nothing-of course it is great achievement but his avg out of 100 matches for sure is not 2.5.Mochy also scored 4.x avg out of 5 matches in another tournament, so he is not scoring everytime 2 and still i agree he is definately top player and this is why you can't judge Neil or someone is bad cause u saw one match of 5, next tourney he may avg 1.5 out of 10 matches(than maybe he will be back your hero).
4. Nobody is willing to play Pr bets against Mochy and MCg and u will bet against anyone who is willing to play Pr against them- This is simply not true and you again take the easy way-i'm sure Falafel and Sander will gladly play against anyone on whatever win or PR and i'm not very sure even Mochy wil claim he is such a favourite as u do! It is not my job to judge you but i really can't understand why everytime you go against everyone who has different opinion than your and even start threatening...
Second you try to understimate others achievements, not appreciating what they are doing just to make something that is clear as you discovered it(great)-i mean it is clear Mochy is the guy who is very hot now and is showing best PR stats, but does this mean others are so awful as you try to represent?
I know now you will start excusing and say you did not mean this and that but in reality read all your arrogant posts and try to read it as it is not you-maybe you will realize what i mean and if some people are afraid to say it i'm not and i don't care of the response.

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