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Live PRs

Posted By: Stick
Date: Saturday, 8 February 2014, at 2:38 p.m.

In Response To: Live PRs (Matt Cohn-Geier)

However, when I see the data being blatantly manipulated and misrepresented

Where was it manipulated and misrepresented? I want to know if I was the one doing it as I published everything I have and freely asked anyone else (such as yourself) to do so.

I can't believe you're one of the people stuck on me playing a 2.X online. I can't believe I have to revisit this. Allow me to play backgammon only when I feel like it and for PR alone and I'll happily duplicate that effort. That's the short of it. You yourself just said you played whatever PR including adjustments for opponents, being tired, not caring so much about certain matches, etc... Instead play rarely, only on the off occasion you feel like playing. Have the pip count in front of your face and fully focused because it's like the one match you're going to play that week. Don't you think there would be a significant improvement? Mochy knocked himself out in Texas playing under a 3 by entering all the big events, doing lectures, sleeping little. Could you imagine how well the boy would have played if he only had one match to play at any given point he felt like it during that weekend? If I only played tennis or pool when I was feeling up to it I'd come off as knowing what I was doing too.

Never in the link you gave did I suggest I was eager to bet you or Mochy on PR. What I did say is that I would take the PR bets and suggested that I'd rather bet you on PR than Mochy. That's all true. I feel like you've inherited this reading disease other people have.

People have their panties in such a bunch lately. I've been asked by several people over the past couple days "what's wrong with MCG" if that means anything to you. I toss up my internet hands up and say 'idk'. It has been suggested you caught the Falafel disease.


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