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Dual Duel, PR's, chasing Ego and etc...

Posted By: Rod
Date: Friday, 7 February 2014, at 11:00 p.m.

In Response To: Dual Duel, PR's, chasing Ego and etc... (Iancho Hristov)

1. We're not talking about Mochy averaging a 3.1 and Kit averaging a 3.3. There's a much larger difference there. I spoke with Matt prior to the event. He felt that he an Mochy were heavy favorites and that it would be very hard for someone of even a slightly worse average PR to win (which he said he said in this thread). So, whether other players want to be honest about their chances or you want to spin your nonsense into gold, the fact is that you certainly are less able to make this call than Matt is.

2. No one is currently capable of playing a 1.5 over 10 live tournament matches. But Mochy has a much much better chance of it than Neil. I'd go so far as to say that Absent a neural implant that Neil will never have a performance like that. Mochy might. As far as Neil outplaying Mochy in a single match... SURE - I agree!! 100%. That's why I said the bet should be for a 2-year period.

You can rattle off your nonsense and rail against me. But I have said nothing untrue. If you and others want to delude yourselves into thinking Mochy and Matt weren't heavy favorites in that event, go ahead. But take your crack pipe away from me. Matt said he felt it would be difficult for most of the players to have a chance of winning.

And as far as Saba's chances... I specifically have said anyone could win it, just that it was very unlikely. I outplayed Neil in a finals match in 2009. It wasn't likely. Maybe 30%. 2 in a row... 9%. Maybe less - I don't know. Maybe Saba's chances of outplaying Matt and then Perko on PR was 5% (and I'm going on what he says his average PR is). Ok... Sure, he got the 1 in 20. We've all rolled jokers before.

Ray called Neil out. And anyone claiming that playing "not to win" is "alien" to them and that's why they wouldn't play in the event... Well that's a big load of horse crap. A top player playing a top player is going to play as close to XG as they can, almost without exception. There is no "real" difference to playing to win and plying for a low PR between two top players.

I never ever said anyone was awful. I took great pains to say the opposite so someone like you couldn't twist what I wrote. I wrote that they're great players. I wrote that they're better than me. I added that in specifically to try to avoid someone from doing just what you've done - mis characterizing what I wrote.

The point was to delve into why only 8 people played. I was honest about why. And others bullshitted. And I get your crap for it. That's ok. But keep the same format and you'll have an 8 or a 6 man event next year. If it was such a draw, such an awesome event, it should have had more players than the previous year? The tournament had more players than the previous year. Why not more players in the dual duel? Well... Either it's a mystery or there's a reason for it. I gave th reasons.

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