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long opinion, (con ego)

Posted By: Stick
Date: Saturday, 8 February 2014, at 1:54 a.m.

In Response To: long opinion, (con ego) (Coolrey)

You tell a great story I wish I didn't always seem to want to ruin it with my opinion.

Nice to hear from you even if your English leaves something to be desired.

I have no idea why anyone would criticize someone's second language especially an American who I'm guessing speaks no other languages anywhere near fluently. It seems to me it's always Americans that do it too ... which adds to the irony.

2. Given # 1, all of us would trade it for the opportunity to call our roll twice in a match. Because luck always beats skill in the short run!

Only true if you play a certain PR already. If you averaged an 8 PR and you had the choice to call your roll twice in a match or play a 0 PR you're so sure you'd opt for calling your roll twice? Assume a 13pt match.

Little off topic but how many 5 point matches out of 100 do you think I would time out of if we started my clock with 2 seconds on the reserve and the usual 12 second delay?

When he is on the clock he uses it up early then plays fast at the end if he has to

This is, generally speaking, a good idea esp. for a player like Mochy.

I had achieved one goal of making him waste time

Once you start shipping around 4 and 8 cubes players of Mochy's caliber realize that you have significantly shortened the match and they should use their (now *extra) time on the more important decisions such as the augmentation of the level of the cube to 4 or 8.

but there was a look of terror on his face

Somehow I doubt this lol. It makes for a better story though.

and any associated psychological edge I might have enjoyed in the next

Same thing...I don't argue that psychology can come into play against a lot of players. I don't think it matters one whiff to a Mochy or similar player. You think of him as a slave to XG (which some of us take as a backhanded compliement). XG doesn't get bothered by your dice it simply plugs along making the best moves regardless. That's what I (we?) strive to do too. There's a reason Federer and Sampras are my recent tennis idols, the void of emotion that will negatively impact their game.

I lost, but so would have YOU!

Drawing that conclusion makes no sense.


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