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long opinion, (con ego)

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Saturday, 8 February 2014, at 7:51 p.m.

In Response To: long opinion, (con ego) (Stick)

You would have no way of knowing that Iancho and I are good buddies, he, Petko and I. I would never say anything that he would be offended by. We will laugh and drink beers next time I see him.

You also have no way of knowing what expression Mochy had on his face when he took my 16 cube. So you ought not to comment or doubt it. Other people saw that he was the only one not laughing. They commented on it to me. Mochy is great, and I never questioned that, but he was OUT of his comfort zone and he also was startled and reacted by jumping back every time I missed his multiple blots with some anti-joker. Literally jerked his head back in disbelief, eyes wide at his good fortune, and don't say you doubt it because you were not there.

If you could call two rolls you would, no matter wtf PR you play at. LOL

Everyone who has posted a comment has indicated that nobody had a chance against Mochy or MCG. You think differently, and that is cool. Too bad you didn't show up and prove everyone wrong, including Bill Phipps... Who would pay you 10K for playing under 2, right?

I wanted him to get low on time to give him a chance to time out, (and to limit his time for analysis), and I didn't want to lose my market so I sent over redoubles that were early. We both knew I was NOT winning the PR after the dildonian defense play. So, even though his 8 cube was technically correct, in the BIG picture he might have done better to withhold it, because the 16 cube it provoked put the match on the line. Why win the PR by 2 miles and lose the match as a result to some luck box?

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