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Continued Rant... (on posting matches and PRs)

Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Monday, 10 February 2014, at 6:18 p.m.

In Response To: Live PRs (Matt Cohn-Geier)

My rant is not just directed at you Matt, but you triggered me by writing:

>> ...Here are the PRs I played in the past 2 years from the matches I have saved. I have my opponents and opponents' PRs, but I decided not to list them all publicly...

Why is that? From your list, it looks like all matches were played as part of official and public tournaments. You probably also had your opponents acceptance recording the matches. Unless you specifically promised not to post the matches, in order to get your opponent's acceptance to record, I see absolutely no reason whatsoever to not post the full info.

>> ...I wouldn't ever want to get into a situation where there was cherry picking...

By not posting the match files or your opponent's PRs, you allow them to cherry-pick, or contribute to their PRs being more cherry-picked than not.

>> ...Matches where I altered my play to account for my opponent's tendencies and try to maximize rather than just play for PR...

Again, by not posting your opponent's PRs, this information becomes invisible in your data. You simply diminish the value of your own posted PRs by not posting your opponents. If I see a world class player post a 4.2, and his opponent played 9.1, I'd say "ahh, this guy probably adjusted a bit to increase his win chances even further". If you just post the 4.2 I wouldn't know what to think!

>>...I think it does a tremendous disservice to those who are actually playing as well as they can to try to craft and maintain an image of transcendental perfection, yet never allow that expertise to be demonstrated in real-life competition...

You're partly doing a similar disservice to these people, by not posting your opponent's PRs. You might somewhat "protect" these people from an "embarrassment" of having a 6.4 PR made public, but if everybody was more open on this subject, it really wouldn't be such a big embarrassment - it would become clear for everyone that PRs fluctuate and carry a big variance, and that recreational players perhaps isn't doing so bad, if they average 6 or 7 (or beginners that are playing 10+).

Right now, you post PRs from a lot of matches, showing only the strong player's side (your own, certainly being one of the 10 strongest PR players in the world, possibly top-5).


If we take a look at chess, match transcripts are always done, and it's usual that tournament games (especially in the big divisions) are made public. Actually FIDE rules (article 8) clearly states that there's no two ways about recording your matches, AND that you have to sign and handover the record to the tournament director after each match, AND that all score sheets (match records) are the property or the tournament committee! Simple as that.


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