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long opinion, (con ego)

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Saturday, 8 February 2014, at 12:26 a.m.

In Response To: Dual Duel, PR's, chasing Ego and etc... (Iancho Hristov)

Hey Iancho! Nice to hear from you even if your English leaves something to be desired. I want to recapsulize what I said under the heading doo doo.

We all know a couple of things:

1. The lowest ER or PR will win in the long run and that is why sites like this exist to understand the best opening, middle game and endgame plays. Any of us who have bought XG have done so strictly to become better players, not necessarily to make a veritable fortune transcribing matches like Mishy Poo!

2. Given # 1, all of us would trade it for the opportunity to call our roll twice in a match. Because luck always beats skill in the short run!

So, Bill Riles devised a plan to make the best player the favorite, instead of the luckiest player this week. Of course sometimes the best player is also the luckiest, but it is rare. His current format is right on, and everyone who wants to change it is basically afraid to play in it as it is. There is the proof. Very few people don't give a F if there lousy PR is made public, and a confused mind just says no. Very sad, for some great players stood aside and refused to play. I chose to play, like the idiot I am, according to many

Everyone, as usual, is making WAY too much of what a favorite MCG and Mochy are, since they have timed out in 50% of the finals so far. Mochy hasn't yet, but if you play a lot of games with 2 seconds left on your clock you are bound to drop the dice sometime, and unless you cheat and reset the clock like Joe Russell at those times you are at risk!

This year I played Mochy in the final and nobody gave me a chance even though I played and beat him on PR last year. Even I was among them, and perhaps that cost me the match. Some relevant history: I played Mochy in a 5 hour 15 point final in Vegas. All kibitzers hated it! Mochy wants a graveyard, and he makes it one when he is not on the clock. When he is on the clock he uses it up early then plays fast at the end if he has to. He outplayed me 2.5 to 6 as I recall. Last year he played 2.5 and I played below 2, probably cuz he killed me and my choices were few. If I killed him, I would play bad protecting my lead!

So, this was the third time we played and the second time he outplayed me. Perhaps he would outplay me 7 more times straight, and that would leave my chances of winning the PR at 10%. HOWEVER, lets consider the final match which has been published here and elsewhere I assume, it lasted 3 games.

Game 1: I doubled him out. Game 2: He doubled me out.

Game 3: I took a bad cube, (about .100 blunder), a common flaw of mine btw. I played a huge back game, like Neil and I discussed before we played. I gave an absolutely horrific redouble, according to XG @ over .200 loss of equity. I gave that cube without hesitation, and there were thirty witnesses, minimum. Mochy went into the tank, and I joked around with the kibitzers by winking at them and making Pat Gibson go get me some more water and stuff like that. Mochy buried his head in his hands because many of the kibitzers and nearby people watching Phil Simborg's USBGF final or whatever were loud and obnoxious having quaffed considerable alcohol @ either or both of two super bowl parties.

Mochys clock ran down. It rand down some more, it went from 20 minutes, to less than or equal to 15 minutes. I had achieved one goal of making him waste time. If he is out of time he can't think and PR goes up to about 4 according to him. Yeah, I scouted him in a conversation over a meal the day before!

Okay, so then Mochy took and we played awhile till I missed some double shot at two loose checkers besides the one I had already hit. You have to remember that if he had passed... That would have fatally flawed his PR, eliminated a couple of my subsequent blunders and put him at well over 10 error rate maybe more! Do you think that he was always taking, 100% for those five minutes he was thinking? Or is it possible he was asking himself if he wants to play this idiot with a big cube or not? Who knows? Ask him, or maybe he will post it.

Then Mochy, slave to PR, stopped to think and another at least 2 minutes went off his clock before he decided to redouble and it was right by about .050. Still a trivial take. I laughed and asked the rhetorical question of Riles who had wandered by... Has there ever been a 16 cube in the Dual Duel? It wasn't long before the answer to that question was academic. Mochy took that cube SO FAST, that as it hit the tray next to him it flipped over and came to rest with the 2 up. I complimented Mochy on his clever slight of hand at that point to an uproarious response from the kibitzers. Everyone was having fun!

Except one guy. His name was Mochy. He took it, because he knew he had to, but there was a look of terror on his face. I don't think anyone who played him on the PR side of the draw saw that face, but I did. This was not the funeral home atmosphere that he had prospered in in Las Vegas, and he knew he was in trouble. My redouble? A slight error, about .01 or something. Personally I think Mochy might have done better not redoubling me to 8 in the first place, even though it was right, as a small insurance bet against me getting lucky in one game. Its just my opinion, of course, and you are welcome to disagree. I had no intention of ever losing my market in this game or match, I opted to trust the dice. For without them, I could NEVER upset Mochy!

In the end, I made one too many blunders and cost myself that game and the match and any associated psychological edge I might have enjoyed in the next, much shorter match(es). Sigh.

When you play bad, you lose.

Also, when it is one guy's weekend, the dice protect him. Mochy won the ABT event too, and about $20K. His average PR was amazing, but it would have been @ 2.0 or less except for the one he played with me. Check it out, replay that game and see.

When it comes your turn, you can do it any way you would like. Be a funeral director's assistant if you like. Imitate Mochy, and try to be like him. But guess what? Then you will be playing his game.

I played mine.

I lost, but so would have YOU!

Lots of us had FUN in the meantime, and the man who deserved to win? He won. I can't ask for a better result, and that last game was exciting. Please contribute if you liked it!

THAT is why they vote me a GIANT every year, Bill Phipps. Why didn't you play?

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