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My Three Stories

Posted By: Pat MacNeil
Date: Friday, 14 March 2014, at 1:27 a.m.

In Response To: My Three Stories (Stick)

Stick, I was the face of BackGammon in Vancouver for the past 5.5 years. For reasons known only to myself I've since relinquished the job and moved on. During that time my goal was to create an army of players and increase awareness of the game, not only in my town but, around the Pacific NorthWest. Ask anyone in Seattle and they'll probably tell you "Oh yeah, I know Pat". It didn't exactly turn out the way I hoped because there weren't really enough committed players to work with. We did OK, though, averaging about 13 bodies every Tournament Sunday. The numbers have since dropped off but that's a story for another day. During my tenure I ALWAYS tried to advocate fun. People would know when I was in the room. There were times where you just couldn't shut me up and today there's STILL times like that. I get a little antsy and I need an energy release (You guys will see it at some point). Yeah, I know, Backgammon's really good for that. The point is I wanted to have fun and I wanted the others to have fun, too. If that meant relaxing the rules a bit then so be it because we wanted to keep the players coming back. These weren't 3-4 day ABT Tournaments we're talking about they were casual, laugh-filled Sunday afternoons. We still advocated competition and playing by the rules but weren't overly heavy handed about it. This is the way it was setup. Others may not see it to their liking but it certainly worked for us.


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