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For Art's eyes only

Posted By: Art Grater
Date: Thursday, 13 March 2014, at 4:27 a.m.

In Response To: For Art's eyes only (phil simborg)

3. Phil, let me address #3 first. I was recognizing your extreme passion on the issue while trying to make a joke with the time of day comment. Sorry if I offended you; NO insult intended.

I think we both believe that LM and NLM players can have a good-faith disagreement on which approach is the better one.

1. I think this objection is overblown. NLM is not complicated. If anything, it's simpler because the offended player can simply let the play stand. What is simpler than playing on? After all, you don't have to go back and reconstructing the original position. Of course, if you want the NLM corrected, then you're back to LM and it's no more or less simpler.

2. Moving a checker 5 pips instead of 6 is very different than, for example, conceding a match because you marked the score down wrong. There are all sorts of other situations on a continuum of errors. By analogy, drunk driving and rolling a right turn are both traffic violations, but few if any people would consider them equally egregious.

On an ACCIDENTAL premature concession, I would personally correct it, and have, because the opponent had nothing to gain by conceding. But I wouldn't fault an opponent who felt the other way, and if I made an accepted but accidental premature concession I would simply try to learn from my mistake.

Of course, a DELIBERATE premature concession should obviously be allowed.

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