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Forget "touch/move" and use "move/move" (+1)

Posted By: smcrtorchs
Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2013, at 7:38 a.m.

In Response To: Forget "touch/move" and use "move/move" (+1) (Ken Larsen)

"It drained all of my energy to keep up with his New York City shell game tactics."

Well I can understand your frustration. However why do not you see the other side as well. Speaking as a developing player, I am sure that It would drain more energy from me if I was to use touch move. I do not believe I have made an illegal move so far and I am as sure as I can be for this. I believe that top players should stop wanting developing players to adapt, be faster/more cautious and instead be more cautious themselves in order to prevent errors they might make by moving checkers illegally OTB. If 2 players in one of the many videos that exist out there do not pay enough attention and make a mistake why should not they live with it? Was not it their mistake after all? It is not like I do not have enough loads of work to do as I am trying to do catch up with the better/more experienced players. I mean, hold it right there, do you have any idea how pissing it is to wake up next day and find out that the loads of work you need to do in order to catch up have now been multiplied because others (top players or not) are making errors?

If in tournaments players were playing people of the same level as it is usually done in swiss chess tournaments then for sure I would favor the rule and this would be the best solution. But in backgammon tournaments the level of the players is mixed and people should not forget this. Most of the players in backgammon tournaments are trying to play catch up. To me, if this rule is implemented, it will look like top players believe that it is only them who should play in backgammon tournaments. The life of beginners/intermediate/developing players should not be made more difficult in contrast with top players. Actually I believe that the opposite should happen for backgammon to bloom.

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