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Limits on checker shuffling?

Posted By: Smcrtorchs
Date: Friday, 21 June 2013, at 7:14 p.m.

In Response To: Limits on checker shuffling? (Tom Keith)

It is always easier to find problems in things than come up with well thought concepts that actually work isn't it?

1. I would try to think outside of the board for a solution here. I came up with these two quickly.

A) The checker shuffler has to verbally say each play he tries before he tries it. For example if he was not sure how to play a 44 he should say "15/11(2) 8/4 7/3" and then move the checkers. Before trying another play he should restore the initial position. This solution might end up causing problems with doubles if the checker shuffler overtries many similar plays with a 11 for example. However if for a specific roll the opponent felt that the checker shuffler overtries too many options and the attention he needs to pay is too high then he could ask the shuffler to write down each play he tries before he tries it. My guess is that both players would remember much easier the initial position before the checkers were moved and the 2 players would find the balance that works best for them most of the time.

B) Use lovely tokens, for example a token could be a 4 sided die with different color on each side. Use a number of tokens equal to the number of points where from you plan to move checkers. Place the tokens exactly where you would place an extra checker upon the points where you will move the checkers from. The number on the side of the die/token represents the number of checkers that you plan to move from this point. For example, if a player wins the initial roll of a game (31) and wants to check how making his 5 point looks then he would place 2 tokensn OTB. 1 would be placed on the edge of the third checker on the 8 point and the other on the edge of the fifth checker on the 6 point. Both tokens would show number 1 on them, since the player wants to move 1 checker from both points. Now this might be difficult to describe with words and without pictures, but it is very easy to demonstrate OTB. I hope it is clear what I describe. Once the player places the tokens only then can he move his checkers and play a legal move. If he wants to try another play, then he should take his move back, and start over the procedure again by placiNewfie necessary tokens for a new move. Note that it is not necessary that tokens have numbers on them. It is visibly obvious how many checkers are missing from a point by the distance that the token has from the checkers left upon this point.

Still I believe that if 2 players want to play freely without such solutions then they should be allowed.

I could look the matter further for new ideas or polishing these ones if someone believes that he would benefit from this. From this procedure might also come out the answer of question no.2

If anyone thinks that he could benefit from this, let me warn him/her that smcrtorchs stands for small creator of chaos. And while the nickname was chosen probably 9-10 years ago it started reflecting me only the last 3 years of my life as before I was not even creating anything. So taking into account my previous experience, do not expect a lot. After all, if there was not at least 1 serious problem with every idea I propose, I would have finished 3 smartphone games already and I would be somewhere between Bahamas and Honolulu smoking Havana cigars and ordering cocktails.

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