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An argument for touch move?

Posted By: Daniel Murphy
Date: Wednesday, 19 June 2013, at 7:08 p.m.

In Response To: An argument for touch move? (Phil Simborg)

I watched the first four games and most of the fifth of this match.

The most frequently broken rule? -- "a player completes his turn by “hitting” the clock with the same hand used in moving." Broken very often by both players, apparently because Phil is left-handed and Ed right-handed, and they often used their other hands, which were closer to clock, to hit it.

Second -- "A single hand shall be used for movement of checkers for the entire turn." Broken by Phil rarely (exactly twice), and by Ed about 15% of the time.

Third or fourth -- that checkers "should be moved in a clear manner," and not "very quickly or in any way ambiguously." While Phil's moves were usually clear and neat, about 10% of the time, Ed slammed the checkers into position instead of placing them on their points, which caused the moved checker to bounce off the side of the board and out of position, or even roll across the board, or nudge other checkers out of place.

Fourth or third -- "Only the player on turn may touch the board, dice, checkers, or cube." Besides the position that caused the big problem, Phil occasionally adjusted the position of his checkers that were on the bar during Ed's turns. More frequently, Ed adjusted the position of his own checkers after hitting the clock, because they had not been neatly placed on their points before the end of his turn.

And only fifth, the suggestion that "If a player moves checkers, he should generally not move them back." Phil was actually about twice as likely as to Ed to try out a move. Both players usually, but not always, restored the original before making a second or final move.

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