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USBGF proposed master point system

Posted By: Rod
Date: Wednesday, 4 December 2013, at 6:38 p.m.

I haven't played bg online for money. I have been suspect of some ratings online and some people's play.

I think utilizing online play for master points is a mistake. Even when there is virtually nothing at stake (during match play online, not for a competition and not for money) people cheat. Once there are master points at stake the impetus to cheat will increase.

Last night I encountered what I am 99% confident was cheating. There was nothing at stake besides ELO. Wtf? (I'd bet serious money on the fact that he cheated - that means something, for those of you who know what I bet on and when)

Opponent played a 1.86 and a 2.8. In 2 lengthy 7-point matches that both provided ample opportunity for errors. First one seemed suspicious so I paid attention to when the delays occurred in the second. Opponent clearly only used a bot to evaluate some plays.

51$-53P-63? He played down. No one who plays that plays a 1.8 and a 2.8.

Every other delay of more than a few seconds had a play that 3ply had as no more than a 0.015 error.

He cubed against my 4-5 backgame. I wouldn't have and most wouldn't have. Everything up to XG++ showed it was correct to cube by about 0.014. XG++ had it as 0.006 wrong and a rollout had it at about a 0.04 error.

There were a bunch of other situations.

It really smacked of cheating.

But would it show up under an evaluation of the match? No. There were blunders and errors made - like that 3rd roll play. And what about someone who programs GNU to scrape the GG screen and suggest te best plays? That wouldn't even cause a time delay! (I know that someone did it on FIBS - they would ask opponents if it was ok to use it - it would display only checker play equity differentials between errors and the best play, for each player, after the play).

I think there is a huge underestimation of the amount of cheating that goes on now and the amount it will increase for "nothing" like master points.

"Oh, I just use it once or twice a match - everyone does it", I can imagine people telling themselves to assuage their ever diminishing pangs of guilt.

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