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A concession: Yes and no, what that means and why, and suggestions for the USBGF

Posted By: Rod
Date: Friday, 6 December 2013, at 6:07 p.m.

In Response To: Poker bracelets from online play? Yup.... (Stick)

Yes, an organization created a competing tournament (online) to compete with the WSOP. a smart profit and publicity motivated move.

No, the main and most visible poker organization did not water down their brand by giving the same bracelets out for winning online events.

So, perhaps it is a good idea to do something for online play. But keep it separate to some degree. Don't let it interfere with a revitalization of live tournaments play. Allow live tournaments and the results and resulting points to have more significance. Let someone go only so far (with lifetime achievements) with online play. If you give out bracelets have them be a different color, so, like the two poker organizations, they are separate and distinct.

Live events used to be rewarding for directors and still are for some. Live events are more visible and more exciting. Trying to mix and match online and live and weight them nearly the same discourages live attendance.

The USBGF can still capture online players by doing something - it's just a bad idea to go about it this way.

It feels to me like the USBGF is taking on the role of pokerstars.com (WCOOP) and allowing the ABT to be the WSOP. The WCOOP was created because pokerstars couldn't compete live with WSOP. But they're competitors! Here, eventually the USBGF is supposed to take on the role of the ABT, as other countries' backgammon federations already do.

The USBGF is making a short-sighted mistake by not differentiating online play from live play significantly. The right thing to do from a branding standpoint might even be creating a subsidiary organization, Online Backgammon, or some such named organization and have that org run online play.

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