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Leave PJT alone

Posted By: Stick
Date: Monday, 30 November 2009, at 8:38 a.m.

In Response To: Leave PJT alone (alex lehmann)

Alex added me on MSN messenger and we had a semi long conversation that wasn't as focused as I'd hoped but maybe something good will come out of it. He'll hopefully check back to answer any questions people might have, he's still on my MSN so I can nudge him if need be.

I wished his post was longer or more informative but I feel all this is going to leave everyone with is more questions so I will try to summarize what I took from our conversation and he can of course correct me if I go astray.

He says the bot algorithm that was developed by him and PJT (and presumably others helped) was created long before the idea of using the bots for an online site so in the development stage PJT knew nothing about what would become its future use.

Alex says PJT knew that he was running the bots but also says so did everyone else, it was like common knowledge. In other words, if PJT is guilty than a lot of other people in the backgammon community should be held responsible for this part of the equation too. Alex says P65 hired him to populate their server and he agreed to do so as long as the bot only played against the recreational players, not the pros. He says he informed everyone that he knew who played to give him their nicknames so he could put it on the namelist so that the bots wouldn't play against them.

There was an incident one time where PJT logged in and the server the bots play on went down and it seems somehow when it came up the bots were fucked up and basically free money from anyone who started a session with any of the bots. I think they'd simply time out and then restart another game/match so it was obvious who the bots were. Alex says that PJT's handle is known and his is not and they get up around the same time so the fact that PJT logged in at this time is purely coincidental, he did not tell him the bots were messed up. However, he said that many bg players are his friends and knew about the bots being ran and that any of them would have informed him of the malfunction.

Alex says PJT has never lost to the bots intentionally (which would be done to fund the accounts), he has never operated or help build the bot, and that he was never paid for the bots being ran. Alex did however say he transfered money over the sight to PJT for money he owed him from personal ventures.

PJT and Alex are very good friends. They travel a lot together, they split live action, etc... Alex said PJT wouldn't talk to me because he's an introvert and there's no chance he'd come on here and reply. He said PJT doesn't appreciate being attacked and wouldn't want to legitimize anything to do with me. Alex's words, not PJT's.

As already hinted at by someone else Mochy, Wachtel, and Falafel headed up the bot investigation. Alex doesn't deny for one second that he created/ran/etc the bots and he thinks they're good for backgammon. I didn't ask what his rational was behind this statement because I was trying to stay on one track but assures me PJT played no part in any of it.


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