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Leave PJT alone

Posted By: samir
Date: Wednesday, 2 December 2009, at 2:09 a.m.

In Response To: Leave PJT alone (alex lehmann)


i followed this discussion very interested. But I think most of the People missing the real important Points in that case.

1. A lot of people blaming PJT (I dont know him, and i dont care who he is), that he developed bots, which has been used online to steal and cheat Players. Its quite easy today to hire a programmer who develop these bots for a company, and its much easier if they have access to the servers. In my opinion it realy doesnt matter who developed the bots, its more important for me that company using this stuff to cheat and steal Money. So the real people you have to attack is the Company who orders/hires these bots, not the Programmer. Who could you blame if the developer of the bots wouldnt be a well known Backgammon Player ? For the developer its just a job, nothing more, what the company is doing with it, is usually out of influence of the developer. Additionally as soon as the Company is knowing that people using Bots, its a must for them to stop this.

In my opinion not PJT is guilty for something, its the company who either ordered/hired the bots or allowing people using the Bots. You have to see the root of the problem.

2. How far is it going with online Cheating ? If it has became industry standart for onlime Backgammon Server to use Bots, how far this will go ? Game Manipulation (dices), not cashing out, drop connection.... all this stuff an average Programmer can easy develop. Can employees of the company (admins,operators) influence the dices or outcome of the game manuell? So for me the answer here is quite easy, if a company is already using Bots, they will also influence the games in other ways.

3. Is online Cheating hurting the Backgammon Community (online and Live) Simple answer YES. A lot of people start usually playing at a free or non commercial Side to play at some Point they get interested and maybe starting improving their game and learning. Usually very fast these Players start playing at commercial side with real Money. Well they get cheated and stolen by the company, hence a lot of them will leave Backgammon. A lot of them will not even come to visit a live Tournament. The whole Backgammon Community is loosing a lot of Players, cause of some scum cheating online Companys.

4. Somewhere in this Thread i read, that a very good Player (WC) is doing the same like the Bots doing? First of all, all world class players has been also weak players when they started, and they also lost a lot of Money. But also you have to see these WC players invest a lot of Time and Money in studying Backgammon, its simple not a game you can be good after a few Month. Second most side have Ratings, if a weak player is entering a higher level player its his decision to play agains the odds, he can be lucky or not. But if you enter a Game where a bot is playing, the Player dont know that its a bot, maybe the Rating from the bot is low, imao much more criminal energy.

5. As i read out of the lines in this Thread, a lot of player know the Nicks of the bots, well if these people are realy interested to improve Backgammon and the Community, they should make the Nicks puplic in many forums, newsgroups possible to warn People, becaue this hurts the Game we love most.

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