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Leave PJT alone

Posted By: Alex Lehmann
Date: Tuesday, 1 December 2009, at 12:51 a.m.

In Response To: Leave PJT alone (Ian Shaw)

if you play my bots and think you are playing a human then you are not terribly bright and will probably end up accidentally setting the money on fire. My bots sat in the lobby with the highest rating possible for 10 hours a day everyday for years. They never challenged anyone they only accepted challenges. I did nothing to manipulate rating in anyway. I really do not see the difference what bottomless pit you throw your money in. I am happy to catch it if it falls on me. If someone plays much higher than a 5 it is impossible for them to win online. I give you some more bang for the buck cause you get to play me longer. So once again Yes I think what I do is perfectly fine and breaks no moral or ethical guidelines and certainly no laws. If the site chooses to enforce the penalties for breaking the user agreement they can go ahead and confiscate my money. Being as they did not feel I violated anything (until the recent change of the guard) I got paid. Another way to look at it is this. Imagine a player off the street who thinks that there is no skill in backgammon, who ever rolls better wins so it all just luck. You can tell him to the end of days that you are better than him and he will never agree. He just thinks it is all luck. Is it wrong to take his money because he doesnt expect you to be able to play better than him? Along the same note, if he believes that if he prays to jesus for good dice they will come, is he cheating when he prays for a roll? At the end of the day gambling simply resolves the differences in opinion people have. We all think we play beter than our opponents that is why we bet money on it. The result is the result and that settles the issue.

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