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Summary of Lehmann views

Posted By: Frank_N_Stein
Date: Tuesday, 1 December 2009, at 7:12 p.m.

In Response To: Summary of Lehmann views (Frank_N_Stein)

I forgot to add - the point I was trying to make is (imho) I do not think the pro who is making a living at the game wants to fool with stakes of $5 or less.

For me, I would have to win 50 points at $5pt five days a week to begin to think about it. A rough estimate of 40pts for profit and 10pts for rake. That would give me a $1,000 US a week.

As the pro continues on his/her winning ways their rating starts to rise in direct proportion. The higher rating would decrease the available pool of players making it harder to find games to achieve the daily goals. Also, as the rating increases the increased rake percentages becomes a problem for the higher rated player.

I played GammonEmpire in the past. A friend and I tried to reduce my rating by my losing to him on purpose over a length of time. Our stakes were small and the only thing it cost me was the rake. He would give me back whatever money I lost to him. We quickly learned it is not easy to drop ones rating without being expensive.

I could realy be wrong, but this leads me to think the pro does not want to waste his/her time like this.

On the other hand, a bot running 24/7 can easily rob the unsuspecting player blind. The bot does not have to worry about ratings. Once the rating rises you simply unplug that bot and replace it with a new one. The rating always stays down this way. Or, P65 simply allows the name of the player to change along with a new rating. No way either one of these would ever happen, right?

Sorry Alex, I do not buy into your arguement at all that you provided the recreational player a means of enjoyment. what you did was rob them blindly without ever pointing a gun to their head.

The more I think about this the more I feel you created a pro list not because you wanted to give them a free ride, but moreso to not have P65 and your scheme discovered. You flew under the radar is more like the real story.

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