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I have decided I don't like playing legal moves and here's why…

Posted By: Rod
Date: Monday, 2 September 2013, at 4:03 a.m.

In Response To: Good ruling/Bad Rule (Phil Simborg)

I'm happy to play legal moves with someone I trust but tournament-wide it's a problem. And I even had a problem with someone I trust entirely.

So, with random people the problem becomes…. You might be corrected only when it benefits your opponent and not when it hurts them. One fellow who was playing a one point quicker quickie with a woman (I was watching because I had winner) didn't correct her misplayed 3's when it was to her slight disadvantage to play incorrectly. I KNOW he saw the misplay (I saw the slight reaction - and he was quite on top of his play and hers). The equity difference was almost insignificant (definitely less than 0.01) and he took the equity advantage - no way he's correcting anyone for a significant hit to his equity if he slimes for <0.01.

But I correct my opponents wrong plays always and without fail. Karen Davis got her 5-5 (to my large equity hit) after she mistakenly played 5-3 and I corrected her.

But the problem I had and feel bad about was with Alfred Mamlet. I was sort of playing doubles simultaneously along with masters (approved by Jeb before starting). I was watching my partner play and Alfred made his play and hit the clock. Alfred had played 4-3. I grabbed the dice not having seen Alfred actually make his play or seen whether he touched the dice or moved them. Also, I wasn't paying that much attention when I grabbed the dice, still half focusing on the doubles match. As I lifted them I lifted them as 4-4. But, again, I could have nudged them or knocked them as I went to grab them. I mentioned it to Alfred. We couldn't be sure but ultimately I felt that Alfred had seen the dice land, thought about the play and focused on the board… and thought he had a 4-3. He would certainly have been in a better position to know than would I. (Tough argument to anTD…. Ummmm… my opponent who didn't really pay attention seems to think I may have had a 4-4 but I really thought it was a 4-3, so can I have the 4-4?).

Anyhow, legal moves tournament-wide seems to favor slime… so… why play this way? Make each player pay attention and reward players who actually do so. Dunno.

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