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Good ruling/Bad Rule

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Tuesday, 3 September 2013, at 5:33 a.m.

In Response To: Good ruling/Bad Rule (Taper_Mike)

I did say that an illegal move has not been made until the clock is hit, and that you have no obligation to point it out ahead of time. But if you want to, in the spirit of good sportsmanship and to save time, I think that is fine, and I do it. So why wait until he hits his clock if I can save time and problems by letting him know right away that he moved a 6 when his dice say 5? I think it's the nice and proper thing to do. But I am not "obligated" to do so, and technically he has not made an illegal move until he has moved and hit the clock (or picked up his dice if playing without a clock).

I always assume my opponent is not making an illegal move on purpose, and with legal moves I am happy to point it out to him immediately. Now, if he has 2 seconds on the clock and starts to make an illegal move, I will keep my mouth shut. Why? Not to take advantage of him, but if I talk during his turn, even to correct what I think might be his illegal play (but I might be wrong and he might not be finished moving), what if he now stops and gets confused by my comment and his time runs out? I don't want to be responsible for his time running out, and at the same time, if his time is going to run out naturally, that's his problem and I will have no problem taking the win if his time runs out. If he has lots of time on the clock and I am only being a good sport and saving time by pointing out that he is either misreading the dice or misplaying the checkers, I am always happy to do so even though the rules do not require me to do so.

There is nothing in the rules that specifically says I cannot say something while he is playing or moving, but clearly, if my saying something distracts him or costs him time, that fits under the category of poor sportsmanship. If that were strictly enforced Carter would not be allowed to play backgammon.

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