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Watch Paul Weaver attempt to join Mochy's Under 4 PR club

Posted By: Paul Weaver
Date: Friday, 15 August 2014, at 2:39 p.m.

In Response To: Watch Paul Weaver attempt to join Mochy's Under 4 PR club (TarHeelFan)

First of all, I want to thank Jeb Horton, for agreeing to stream my matches in Charlotte. This means my matches will be recorded and transcribed.

Incidentally, Charlotte is a great tournament. Jeb and Robin have always done a terrific job running their tournament. The Swiss format guarantees a lot of matches for everyone. I encourage everyone to attend.

I wish Bob Koca the best of luck in Charlotte as he also attempts to join the club!

For the benefit of those unfamiliar with the rules of Mochy's Under 4.0 Club, I will try to state them here. You must declare to Mochy in advance if a given match will count or not. It must be at least 9pts and it must be played with a clock. The matches must be played in a tournament setting or at least for money. You need to average under 4.0 over ten matches to qualify. If your attempt is unsuccessful, you must wait a month before trying again.

I applaud the concept of Mochy's Under 4.0 Club. It gives relatively new strong players a chance to get instant recognition. It measures backgammon skill in the ultimate setting serious tournament matches being played with a clock when you might be tired, hungry or under pressure. I strongly encourage Phil Simborg to start his own "Phil's Under 4.0 Club" with his own rules and ideas. Anyone else is also free to start his own club.

My attempt to join Mochy's under 4.0 club began in Michigan in July. Audronis Zunde attempted to record all my matches there, but only five were actually recorded. My match against Bill Versaw did not count (my PR was 6.36 in this match) because we played without a clock, and according to Mochy's rules, only clocked matches can be included. Thanks to Dmitriy, Bill Patterson and Michelle for transcribing my matches.

On August 2, Dmitriy posted my five Michigan matches (http://www.bgonline.org/forums/webbbs_config.pl?read=164731). In the four matches that counted toward Mochy's Under 4.0 Club, I averaged about 3.8. Everyone else always believes he can play better than his last four recorded matches, and so do I.

I already have four matches counting toward the ten I need for Mochy's Under 4.0 Club, so only my first six recorded matches in Charlotte will count. I plan to play in the Thursday Faster Masters event, and I will tell Mochy that all my recorded matches in that event will count toward Mochy's Under 4.0 Club. After six of my matches have been streamed in Charlotte, Jeb can use his cameras and streaming to focus on other players.

Incidentally, I am engaged in a project that I need help with. I am looking for rollout volunteers. If you have XG and you would be willing to help me with the rollouts, let me know. I will send you twelve positions that have been rolled out a few times each and I will ask you to extend them all to 5184 and return them.

Thanks again to Jeb for helping me by agreeing to stream my matches. I am looking forward to seeing everyone in Charlotte and competing in a great tournament. Finally, good luck again to Bob Koca!

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