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A difference in the rules--what's your take

Posted By: Mike Clapsadle
Date: Monday, 24 March 2014, at 3:14 a.m.

In Response To: A difference in the rules--what's your take (phil simborg)

1. His move stands. If you make a move and touch your dice, it's the same as picking them up to me. Otherwise this is going to lead to someone grabbing their dice, starting to lift them, then the argument is that he didn't actually lift them.

2. A cube cannot give a cube on Crawford, and my opinion is the cube should just be dead in this situation, LM or NLM.

3. This shouldn't be allowed. But the problem comes if it does happen, and nobody notices for a few moves. I don't see this happening much where neither player notices, but it can.

4. I think it should be correctable, but you would need to point it out to them even if you are playing LM or NLM.

5. He's out of luck. That was still a legal move.

6. He doesn't have to cube, but that is bad etiquette.

7. He doesn't have to double, and again bad etiquette. I would actually like to see a rule that doesn't allow a player to try to influence another players decisions while they are thinking about their move.

8. I don't really care, but it would be nice to have a rule for it. I would go with taking the picture after the decision is made.

9. You should wait until after the game, unless it's an ultra emergency. With everyone being fearful of technology, this gives them a perfect opportunity to plug their current position into a bot.

10. I would just follow whatever the tournament rules are on this...but I would say right now, no you shouldn't be forced to use a baffle box, only because it currently isn't standard backgammon equipment. They may be in the future.

11. Technically the fast roller is at fault and should be penalized, however it is bad etiquette for you to all of a sudden call him on it if you've been doing it. Even if you weren't but he was, and you just waited until he got a good roll to call him on it. Still, he could avoid that by not fast rolling.

12. Notify a TD. I don't want to see spectators interrupting a match every time they THINK something is amiss.

13. Same as #12

14. The roll should stand. Cocked dice should be pointed out to your opponent just so everyone is clear. Exception is if the die is obviously sitting on top of another checker.

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