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Side Pools--New Ideas

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Tuesday, 28 January 2014, at 2:31 p.m.

In Response To: Side Pools--New Ideas (Rod)

No. It's not about spending another $200.00 after you've already spent hundreds to get to the tournament, hotel, etc. It's about putting in an additional $200 on a bad bet where you have little chance for a reasonable return, compared to putting the money in where you have a reasonable chance for a return. A 7 PR player is not where near as good as a 3 PR player, but a 7 PR player isn't stupid, and he's not getting in the side pools. That hurts everyone. There is less money for the tournament coordinators. There is less money that the average participant can risk and win.

Why would having an additional and better chance to win some money for players like you and me, and everyone else who isn't a top-32 Giant, hurt anyone? All it does it give me another reason to come and enjoy a tournament. If I'm not getting in the main side pool anyway, this doesn't cost the Giants a penney.

And if it ends up bringing more people to the tournament, as I believe it will, in the long run, by making it a better, fairer experience for us, that will also add to the main pool which will greatly help the Giants. And if more people attracts more sponsors, which is the ONLY WAY backgammon tournaments will ever truly be financially attractive for the Giants in the long run, what's wrong with that.

This is no different than if you and I make a side bet on who will go further, except we get more people in the side bet and give the tournament director his small rake, which he deserves for setting up the venue. EVEN IF THE DIRECTOR doesn't take any rake, which is the case with some side pools, that will still make the tournament more attractive for players like you and me to attend.

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