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I've had my lessons, thanks.

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Tuesday, 28 January 2014, at 4:48 p.m.

In Response To: Side Pools--New Ideas (Bill Phipps)

From Phipps: "If Phil Simborg doesn’t like getting the worst of it, Phil Simborg should play better. I know some Giants who would happily sell himlessons."

Good idea...I am a firm believer in lessons, and I have taken lessons from Kit, Nack, Sly, Stick, O'Hagan, Gartner, Myerburg, and received a lot of personal help and coaching from Neil, Malcolm, Jake, Wells, Rockwell, MCG and others. And they really have helped. And by the way, over the past 15 years I have been in the side pool nearly every time--it has been a lousy investment for me except for a couple of years I got really lucky and did well in the ABT those years.

But why make this personal? These ideas are intended to bring more people to more tournaments and allow more people the feeling that they got more for their money, and in a way that not only does not take a dime away from the better players, but hopefully, will add to the number of players attending so they make more from the main pool. Why not discuss and attack those ideas instead of attacking me and making this personal?

I don't think you are a self-centered, selfish prick because you are one of the best players and you feel threatened by any idea that might take some money out of your pocket, and I would never suggest that. So to assume I am afraid of competition or not interested in improving my game because I want to see a place for more people to get a better bang for their buck, AT NOT COST to the top players (if the assumption is right that most of the lower-ranked open players do not get into the side pools any way), is not only not fair, it's not very nice and I resent it.

Now, that someone can study as much as I do and take lessons and work with the great players as much as I do and not be one of the very best players in the game is precisely why we need to make tournaments more friendly for players who have a far lesser chance of cashing than the greatest players. We can't all dedicate our lives to becoming a top player; and even those who can invest the time and effort are not able to become a top player....some of us, including me, might just not be smart enough. Are you looking for me to admit that I am not as good as you, or as other players who play at consistently under 4 PR?

You got it. The PR's don't lie, so why should I? Stop making this about me or about people being selfish or trying to hurt the Giants or anyone else, and just think about this: if more people have a fair chance to win some money and enjoy tournaments more, won't that be better for the game? Won't that be better for the Giants as well?

If you don't agree that this is a way to accomplish that, I have no problem with disagreements. But I do have a problem with people who attack other people just because you don't like their ideas and without good cause. It promotes ill will and stops people from being enthusiastic to get involved to try to promote the game and try to improve things. It makes people afraid to offer new suggestions and ideas for fear they will be personally ridiculed and attacked for it. Stop it, please. It's not nice and it's not fair and it's not productive relative to the issues being raised.

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