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Side Pools--New Ideas

Posted By: Neal Weiner
Date: Tuesday, 28 January 2014, at 1:19 a.m.

In Response To: Side Pools--New Ideas (phil simborg)

In the very first USBGF inaugural dinner IN LA in 2011 I suggested the side pool be broken down to 2 side pools. I looked at the players and my wife and I had free blitz entries as being a founding sponsor and a member. We were not about to enter a side pool filled with giants and open players. It was adopted after explained the logic to Lynn and Patrick. The 100 pool was for open and giants and anyone else it was 50. My wife Kathy won a qualifying round of 8 and won a round vs Joe Russell. The next round was vs CJC and to show what a good nature sportsman Carol was she hedged with Kathy. Not many in this business would, being the overwhelming favorite she was. I have never forgot Carol for that. Kathy won the 50 side pool and the hedge, lost match to Carol.

In The past Florida State Championships the PRO team personally put up a trophy for those players who had the most wins vs a gaint, a very nice trophy and a fifty dollar prize....NO ENTRY FEE. Rod Covlin looking at the list was favored to do so, and won that event. Rod will eventually be a giant.

Your idea #3 sounds reasonable.

WE also hedged the seniors event in Florida, which was met with mixed feedback. It sold out and open player gave novice 2 points, and advanced 1, advanced gave novice 1. Interesting the logic for and against was quite interesting to me. In the end an open Player won it ...Lucky Nelson who obviously had no problem with format.

What are we talking about here "Fair" . I will always be all for that.

I founded one of the most successful teams in October 2003. I had ZERO computer background and very limited skills in the game being new to it. What I brought was a mission of team spirit, sportsmanship, and a gracious win or lose concept.

Every competitive sport or game can be handicapped. We have the math tools to do this successful. A player who put in the time to play world champ or around might not be too quick to give away equity and their edge...especially for money

Some players in advanced division would complain if i remained in that division. Objectively speaking I might be one of the better advanced players and graciously except the rule as I must move up. I feel I have a legitimate shot with some open players, Most a significant underdog. I will not study, I never have. The game is a hobby to me But in fairness would easily concede a point in an advanced event to most advanced players and in some cases 2.

I have been known for having opinions which are controversial. This is just food for thought. My wife and I love to go to live events. To visit out of state and to take into consideration doubtful we will cash with her in advanced level and myself at the open level is not likely. I would have been open to handicapping this before I won for those who think I am first bringing this up now. Like anything else, if it will bolster attendance its worth a look. ^5 NEAL

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