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WOW ..an uncompensated bye was given into the finals of an ABT event!!

Posted By: neilkaz
Date: Monday, 28 October 2013, at 6:38 p.m.

In Response To: CT tournament review - brief (Rod)

With all due respect to Ross and noting that it is desirable to allow new directors to actually direct, make their own decisions, and learn from it, I simply cannot find strong enough words to state how inappropriate it is to give a player an uncompensated bye into the finals of an ABT masterpointed event.

Before I continue, I need to ask if there's some method used for ABT points when there are 3 players remaining as has happened once or twice recently in More Swiss format? (There may be an ABT point method here (can't recall) and if so, it needs to be used for CT).

I've read that Ross asked players and directors for advice so I wonder how no one advised him here? That fact that the players made a monetary hedge indicates that no compensation for the hugely important bye was considered!

OK I no the mathematical arguement that this bye is all luck and equivilent to an 1st round bye..but consider the importance and the immediate gain in prizes and ABT points.

Now if proper ABT point and monetary compensation is given then I have no problems with this.

What's proper ABT pt compensation? Well it's simple. Pt payout is 4,2,2,1,1 so there are 6 shares for 1st and 2nd place combined. Each of the three player's equity should be 1/3 of that ammount so proper compensation is for the byed player to give 1/12 of that ammount (1/12 of 6 = 0.5 shares) to the two non-byes and now each of the 3 remaining has proper equity of 2 shares.

I'll email Bill Davis to ask if there's a method for fair ABT point compensation here.

Of course there's another problem with this type of bye to the finals when not having an exact multiple of 3 players. What if the player getting a bye to the finals had also gotten a 1st round bye? Should this make the player ineligable for the late bye? What about compensation in this case? Seems more normal just to give 1s round byes as usual and be done with it!

.. neilkaz ..

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