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Early v. Late Round Byes

Posted By: Henrik Bukkjaer
Date: Monday, 16 December 2013, at 11:25 a.m.

In Response To: Early v. Late Round Byes (storm)

That's very constructive Anders, thanks.

I had actually hoped for some kind of response here to this post, but in relation to the topic.

Anders: You're also one of the people living in "math-la-la-land" as Rod so eloquently puts it :-) Do you have an opinion on the topic?

Bob and Jason: Should I consider your silence as a sign of my comments being somewhat valid? Or just utterly rubbish, not worth responding to?



For people who doesn't have a clue as to what Anders is aiming at, it's the format for the DC this year. It was decided (for the record: not by me), that the Danish championship would have 32 participants - a number that could be seated at the selected venue, and a number that could be played during a weekend allowing for longer matches (17 in the first round, longer in the final rounds).

The 32 players was found by allowing entry from the 16 highest rated players that preregistered for the event, and then doing regional qualifiers for the remaining 16 spot, allowing all DBgF members a chance to qualify - even if they were ranked number 600 on the rating list.

When considering this, it's important to note, that the DBgF have a very good ELO rating system, which actually rates more or less all matches played in Denmark, no matter what the buy-in, flight or anything else. Clubs can even get some non-public tournaments rated. Thus a high rating is seen as a result of many matches/tournaments played successfully.

Unfortunately, the TD for Danish Championships didn't put a minimum experience requirement on the rating criteria, so that people that was pre-qualified for the tournament, would have to have been active within the very same season, and couldn't be pre-qualified on an "old rating". I worked to get that change in, but it was deemed to late, since the tournament had just been announced at that time. Surely such a criteria would be added in the future, if a similar setup is chosen.

Now, Anders consider the tournament as ONE big tournament, not a qualifier and a 32 player event. And thus, he mathematically correctly concludes, that the players having pre-qualified for the finals through their successful participation at a lot of DBgF events, receives an advantage equal to 2 byes.

So depending on your point of view, and the decisions made for what kind of tournament a Danish Championship should be, the answer to Anders' question is either 0 or 2.

Personally, I like the idea of having a few tournaments aimed at finding the best players, and limiting the entries to allow for some real backgammon to be played, rather than a 256 player cup to 7 points... BUT I fully agree with Anders that the propositions for this years format was not optimal! And I work actively to improve it.

Not that any of this matters in relation to the topic.

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