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CT tournament review - brief

Posted By: Jake Jacobs
Date: Tuesday, 29 October 2013, at 2:51 a.m.

In Response To: CT tournament review - brief (Bob Koca)

Bob, math is math, psychology is psychology, and the twain may meet 57% of the time - but it feels like less than half.

Suppose I was going to lose exactly one match in a single-elimination full field of 64: would it matter if it was the first or the last? Mathematically, it is only one loss. I said that last with tongue in cheek, but the serious point is that if you lose the first round you feel you have lost only the equity of your entry fee minus the rake, whereas if you lose the last you feel like you have lost ... Well, you know the math, and when I say "you" I am speaking about anyone in that position, and how each individual "feels" about the loss varies quite a bit. You are seeing from these posts that not getting the bye in a three-way semifinal feels like shit for most people. And part of that "shitty feeling" comes because the equity lost at the moment of the missed bye into the final, is not the equity lost at the moment of the first round draw.

I have actually been in such a situation. I didn't hate being there, the way David and Neil say they would. Actually, it felt good to have such a problem! But I can tell you that the discussions among the three of us over how to hedge the bye were protracted because none of us was quite sure what felt right. When I say "us," my fellows were Nack and Mike Corbett, the event was a Vegas Super Jackpot, and the sums of money were such that we were giving the problem our full attention.

By the way, we decided that the guy who got the bye would pay the other two. Then, in the semi, I wound up making a substantial hedge with Nack at DMP. So Corbett, who got the lucky bye, wound up after losing to Nack with less than either of us.

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