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No Calcutta

Posted By: Neal Weiner
Date: Monday, 28 October 2013, at 5:09 p.m.

In Response To: No Calcutta (Rod)

Regarding Calcutta, Our goal in Florida was to cater to the player and add some innovative ideas we thought might make things appealing to all levels. As far as any quasi legal issues the tournaments overall fall into that category, so in my view makes no difference. The Florida event had one , and it reflected a couple of things. 1) Money is tight as it not receive the kind of response Las Vegas and Michigan does. But then again a much smaller event. 2) Speaking for myself, I did not do this for profit, so if everyone agrees to drop it....no problem. 3) On a positive it does add revenue to the event to pay costs. Every person was bid on and cannot be sure, but I think those being purchased opted to use the buy back feature. The three players not purchased went into a sack and the sack was purchased. Indicates to me, majority likes it. 4) In the past tournaments not having a Calcutta there was the same person selling it covertly in the corner....I would imagine with directors permission or possibly not. If we would decide not to have one...there will be no body else in the corner.

I am not going to debate legalities here, so if you disagree with me....not the venue where you will see my rebuttal. No lawyer (yet) is qualified to answer for all 50 states, let alone every city, county and municipality and yes they vary. The federal laws is much more concrete and will voice no further comment now.

I will just add we appeared to have enough action to appease everyone and to cater to the player who came to play. There are a few in every crowd who just choose to exploit a mistake and acknowledging you made a few is just not good enough. We will fix those mistakes in future events. Thanks ^5 NEAL

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