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+1 what Stick said

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Wednesday, 10 July 2013, at 9:26 a.m.

In Response To: +1 (Stick)

Matt: Is there really any confusion over what it means for the score to be 8-4 in an 11 point match?

Embarrassing admission: I still get confused. After a score is inverted, the big score becomes the small one. I frequently have double check that I haven’t mixed the two, especially late in a match, when it matters the most.

Matt: Which sentence makes more sense: "Murray leads, 2 sets to 1", or, "Murray leads, 1 set away to 2 sets away"?

Let me turn that around. Which makes more sense to you: “Phil is 3 under par after 17, and Rory is 2 under after 16.” –or– “After 17, Phil 65, and after 16, Rory 62?”

These are rhetorical questions, or rather straw-man distractions, because what is good for tennis or golf is irrelevant to backgammon. As Tom Keith points out, if we could make the changeover to away scoring, and it became universal, “we’d all be looking back wondering why it was ever any other way.” Probably, you agree.

Tom then goes on to say, “The problem is getting there from here.”

I suggest allowing scoresheets where both scores are kept. The official score can be kept in the traditional way. An unofficial score, that has no relevance in the case of dispute, can use away-scoring. It should be easy to design a such a scoresheet so that one could, with the most casual of glances, discern which columns held the official score.

You don’t have to use away scoring if you don’t want to. Provided the scoresheet is clear, why do you care if I do?


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