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Fixing the 80 player bracket (long)

Posted By: neilkaz
Date: Wednesday, 5 February 2014, at 5:29 p.m.

In Response To: San Antonio Glitches -- Long -- Comments and Suggestions Appreciated (Bill Riles)

As I've been tasked by Patti to put considerable thought and analysis into a Fighter's Bracket method for Monte Carlo, I am currently spending considerable time laying out brackets and thinking about flow and fairness etc etc.

I recall that the 80 player bracket played down to 5 players after 4 rounds and the loser of the needed extra match (at that point) was paid 5th place and ABT pts equal to 1/8 of what the winner got (ie like 5th-8th place). My method does something different for the loser of the extra match and improves his equity by feeding him into the conso semis where he still wins 1/8 of the champion's share but is still alive and can win more. Obviously now, the main pays just 4 places and the conso pays 4 places. Payout is 8/4/2/2 in main and 4/2/1/1 in conso.

Under the system that was used to pay 5th place the loser of that extra match had an equity of 1 share whereas the winner's equity was 4 shares, which is just the same as the 3 players who didn't play the extra match. Under my system, that loser's equity is 2 shares, since he goes into the conso semis where's he guaranteed 1 share if he loses and can get more if he wins the semis and or finals. Therefore, there's less penalty for being one of the unlucky two who get to play the extra match. (Note that I am not mentioning compensation noting that many wish to avoid those complications and that it isn't used for ABT pts.)

OK lets see how this flows round by round......

Main starts with 80 then 40 then 20 then 10 then 5 players remain. I'd do a random drawing of those 5 to see which two get to play the extra match, but with a stipulation that if any of those 5 players had a rd 1 bye due to there being fewer than 80 players, they automatically will be playing the extra match. Now after that extra match is played we have our 4 semi finalists for the main.

Ie main goes 80,40,20,10,5,4,2,1 resulting in a winner after 7 rds.

So how does the conso now work, noting that it needs to get down to 3 semi finalists to join the loser of the 5th rd main match?

There are 40 first rd losers and to make the conso flow properly the ONLY combination of rounds or bye that needs to be done is to have 32 of those 40 get a bye into the 2nd round of conso while the unlucky 8 also play down to 4 players who advance to the 2nd rd of conso.

So the second rd of conso has 20 second rd losers from the main, 32 byed first rd main losers and 4 winners from the 1st rd of conso for a total of 56 players. These 56 play and then 28 remain to be joined by 10 losers from the main resulting in 38 who play and then 19 are joined by 5 losers from the main and those 24 play 3 more rds resulting in 3 semifinalists who are joined by the loser of the main 5th rd match.

Thus the conso goes 8,56,38,24,12,6,4,2,1 and will flow just fine along with the main just like it would if there were a full normal bracket of 128.

I haven't laid out the LC yet, but it is much less important than the conso or main and certainly I can make something work decently although there will have to be some byes I think.

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