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Ed O - Dual duel suggestion

Posted By: Mochy
Date: Friday, 7 February 2014, at 2:48 a.m.

In Response To: Ed O - Dual duel suggestion (Petko)

In the very first year I came to San Antonio mainly because of DD.I loved the attitude that adds PR into the outcome.Without DD Texas didn't come to my attention. (I didn't even know where Texas was - sorry)

As Rod pointed out stronger players have even bigger edge in this format and weaker players has lesser edge.However it doesn't mean it is silly to enter. It means it rewards your hard work more and quicker. Anyone who is very strong but relatively unknown can be a star in one night. For example, Saba can be a new hero if he had won the tournament. (He alomost did, and at least he impressed me a lot (especially by outplaying Matt)) Akiko impressed me even more by winning last year.Actually I was already impressed when she decided to play because her chance seemed very slim.I thought her winning % against Matt in the final was maybe 5-10%. But she did it. Her winning DD last year (and winning SJP in Montecarlo) makes me put her in Backgammon Giant.So brave and so special she is.MCG also played 0.99 (or 1.01 - whatever) in one match - that was a legendary. Ray outplayed me by playing 1.XX - I never forget.Can any other 8 players tournament create such a buzz?

Actually, winning this tournament is easier than others. Because there is one very easy way to do, and this way is open to all.You can do it from tonight.Just study the game.Next year you win 95%.It will be more rewarded. You won't suffer (at least lesser degree) from "bad luck".

If it is silly to enter, to enter chess tournament is always silly.Right?

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