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Fixing the 80 player bracket (long)

Posted By: Tom Keith
Date: Thursday, 6 February 2014, at 2:11 a.m.

In Response To: Fixing the 80 player bracket (long) (neilkaz)

Neil wrote: My method does something different for the loser of the extra match and improves his equity by feeding him into the conso semis where he still wins 1/8 of the champion's share but is still alive and can win more. Obviously now, the main pays just 4 places and the conso pays 4 places. Payout is 8/4/2/2 in main and 4/2/1/1 in conso. ... Under my system, that loser's equity is 2 shares, since he goes into the conso semis where's he guaranteed 1 share if he loses and can get more if he wins the semis and or finals. Therefore, there's less penalty for being one of the unlucky two who get to play the extra match.

Neil, here is a slight modification to your system that I believe fairly compensates the non-bye players. (Bob Koca wrote a nice article which shows an easy way to calculate this type of thing. His article is here.)

Following the logic of Bob's article, each of the non-bye players should get 1/8 of the prize pool available to the four semifinalists. If the Championship payout is 8/4/2/2, that makes 16 shares. So each non-bye player should get 2 extra shares to compensate for the fact that they have to play an additional round. If the loser of the non-bye players goes into the semifinals of the Consolation, he is taken care of because (as you say) that is equivalent to 2 shares. But the winner of the non-bye players should also get 2 extra shares (in addition to the other money he wins). That means you need a total of 18 shares in the Main: 8/4/2/2 + 2 for the non-bye winner.

(I hope I got this right and that it makes sense.)

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