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Axe the Giants list?

Posted By: Jake Jacobs
Date: Wednesday, 13 November 2013, at 4:02 a.m.

In Response To: Axe the ABT? Axe the Giants list? Axe the *World Championships*? (Stick)

Down in the thread somewhere there was the suggestion that the Giant list should be "more transparent." I am not sure, short of publishing the ballots themselves, how it could be more transparent. Our voter qualifications are well known and very simple. Every year we run into one or two voters who haven't met our extremely lenient guidelines, but think they can lobby their way in, but we have no plans to change things. As far as who may receive votes, we place no restrictions at all upon that, a fact also controversial, and also well known.

But if there is something we are hiding that I am not aware of, let me know. If there is, it might be something we can change.

Otherwise, if you want to vote, you have plenty of time to play in an Open level live (not online) event before the voting ends. If you have already done that: you qualify. If you haven't, either go play and then vote, or don't go play, and don't vote. If you are a director of such events who has never played Open, send us the details, and you can vote. Everyone else: sorry!

And when it comes time to vote, we need at least sixteen names (but really prefer thirty-two), with yours in second place, and your contact information on the ballot. Who you vote for is entirely up to you. If you wish to lobby others because you think that your selection method is the finest ever devised, that's wonderful. And Stick is just the guy to let you post it. Who knows, Carol or I may read it and think: "Gee, use XG ratings to rank the candidates; that never occurred to me; I do believe that is how I will mark my ballot." But it won't change our acceptance of yours, should you use a different method.

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