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Axe the Giants list?

Posted By: Fatboy
Date: Wednesday, 13 November 2013, at 7:35 p.m.

In Response To: Axe the Giants list? (Stick)

i'm new around here and I sure dont have the qualifications to make any changes to the "system". Having said that, I think writing yourself in is 2nd spot is just silly. I have played pool for 30 years, i play good but wouldnt ever think of putting myself on the list of the top 50 players in the world-that would be a insult to pool & the top players., or in this case BG if I voted here.

Simply put, if you vote you cant vote for yourself. A few people might not get a warm fuzzy but it sure makes more sense from a practical stand point. How delusional would it be for me to write myself in in any spot?(if I had voting rights on the Giants list) It would be a insult to ALL the Giants, I aint in that league period. Keep'in it real.

As far as points go to rank players, that I have seen work in pool to a extent. 20 years ago when pool was doing better it counted for something more than now, it really doesn't as much. I cant comment on a points ranking system in BG, im not qualified to, intuitively seems to me it would work.

What I do know is this, seen it in many different walks of life, if the guys at the top cant get it together, the newcomers don't want the drama and baggage and that's not good for anyone or what ever it is, pool, BG, ping pong etc.

I'm not complaining at all, just a cautionary piece of advice to all. I been a part of the "pool wars" for years, I have watched that problem explode in the past 8-10 years(pool players discovered the internet much later than the BG players). The internet has caused that problem to mushroom IMO, here is why, people used to see each other several times a year at tourneys or the pool room(more often) and played pool, gambled etc. They were happy to see each other when they did!! And didn't bicker, there wasnt time. Now they sit around and argue like grumpy old people arguing about nothing 24/7 online-they are sick of each other but not pool so onward they go-endlessly. I'm not suggesting that's happening here, it could tho. Finger pointing, "he didnt reply in X# of days to my post", etc. etc etc.

That has harmed pool, I know first had all too well. I hope that isnt happening here or anywhere else. People would be happy to show up and see their friends at a tourney and pool was the "thing". Now with the internet all the "pool world" people have full time access to each other and its like 20 people living in a 4 bedroom house, the shit hits the fan all too often. I know this problem isn't unique to pool.

My cautionary tail is over.

Now speaking for myself, I just want to play BG improve and have fun. that's it. the rest is irrelevant.

I really like this board and read it often, i dont say much cause I cant add much quality material. I just hope the arguments get resolved and the focus is on BG not politics of BG. That's what's best for BG-IMO



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