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Proposed World Ranking System

Posted By: Barry Silliman
Date: Saturday, 16 November 2013, at 6:26 p.m.

In Response To: Proposed World Ranking System (Daniel Murphy)

Ken and Daniel, you are both FOS. Full of Suggestions! I like that.

1. There's a fix for that.

Everything is a SMOP- Simple Matter Of Programming. Would you elaborate what you think the fix is? I'm sure there are several alternative ways to do it, what do you suggest is the best way? I'm sure that whatever way you propose, people will have thoughts about it- let's get the discussion started. Proposals have been tossed about within the USBGF for a few years now but nothing much has been done- for two reasons primarily- First- the USBGF has been trying to obtain ownership of the backgames.org code for a while now, but progress has been slow for various reasons (I'm not pointing a finger at anybody). And second, even if or when ownership of that code is obtained, most of the people involved in the technical side of things at the USBGF have those pesky day jobs to worry about. Ideally we would make this an opensource project but I'm not sure if that is likely- the author of the backgames.org code put a tremendous amount of effort into that code, he provided me some insights into that code way back 8 or 9 years ago long before the USBGF was thought of. The code is elegant and complex and I'm not sure that even if the USBGF obtains rights to it that the code will available for an opensource effort. And even if it is, just setting that up properly would take time and expertise that may be scarce without further volunteers.

2. If/when it's fixed, elo rating is the obvious reference to use to determine eligibility of USBGF-rated players to play in flights below the Open level in ABT tournaments.

This is also a good debate to start- Ken sees ABT points as a way to go, which in essence says, "if you cash enough times, you move up". You suggest ELO, which in essence says "if you win a high enough percentage of your matches, move up". A person could go 8-3 (or something like that) every time in the Advanced and never cash, e.g. they might lose the Last Chance finals, and nobody in the US at least would accuse them of being a sandbagger. I specialized in that in the Advanced bracket- I had a pretty decent winning percentage in a dozen Advanced events, never cashed, but made the last chance finals twice- I was never asked to move up but did that on my own. Had I had a 42% match winning percentage in Advanced and luckboxed a couple times in a row I'm sure I would have been called a sandbagger had I wanted to stay in Advanced. So let's start the ELO vs. ABT points debate.

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